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Superb Customer Service and Top Notch Custom Cheer Music That Compliments Your Routines!



World Champ Productions was founded in 2015 by Trey Johnson with just a few clients.

Over the past 5 years, World Champ Productions has grown globally with many clients all over the world! World Champ Productions takes pride in its company’s values and believes that their commitment to customer service, communication, and on time delivery have contributed to their growth in the industry.

The goal at world champ productions is to provide clients with superb customer service and top notch custom cheer music that glorifies your routines. 

World Champ Productions is committed to the following company values:


  1. Quick turn around times
  2. Superb customer service
  3. Quick response
  4. Constant Communication
  5. High quality music production 
  6. A guarantee your music won’t sound like anyone else 


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